Twilight of Kerberos: Call of Kerberos

Posted on May 26 2010 by Publisher

[Author: Jonathan Oliver] Jonathan Oliver’s debut novel, “The Call of Kerberos,” just happens to be his first foray into the world of Twilight of Kerberos. This is the sixth book in the series that, so far, comprises novels written by various authors. Each story line takes place on Twilight, “… a world that exists is in the shadow of Kerberos, a vast gas giant,” that casts its glow upon the planet. Twilight is a world of mostly water, and Oliver’s story line makes use of this aspect and places its primary characters in conflict the religious zealots, the Final Faith, and an underwater civilization of beings, known as Chadassa.

“The Call of Kerberos” follows the life of a fisherman, Silus, who is a half-breed. The help of two renegades, chief engineer Dunsany, and a powerful mage named Kelos, provides a path that is a catalyst leading to Silus’ fulfillment his own destiny. The Chadassa also push Silus away from his life working as a fisherman, earning a living and supporting his wife who is with child. The trio soon unites on board a magnificent ship, Llothriall, is pursued by the Final Faith and is continually harassed by the Chadassa, which seeks to fulfill a prophecy of their civilization.

Oliver combines elements of the sword and sorcery/fantasy genres with horror and spins a tale of high-sea adventure. The story starts out at a moderate pace and quickly builds momentum into the closing chapters. Once we finally get to the climax of the story and learn the characters’ outcomes, the book seems to slam the door shut on the story. The ending seemed rushed, with little fanfare for letting the reader take a breath and unwind after the final outcome.

“The Call of Kerberos” is great introduction for Oliver as a novelist. His debut displays his ability to write a cohesive story line that is filled with interesting characters and dilemmas. His plot and subplots include interesting twists and deviations on themes that may have been spun into to yarns before. His ability to use fantasy, science fiction and horror broaden the tapestry on which Oliver can paint his written prose.

*** Contributing Writer: John Kindred

Product Description: The world changes for Silus – a simple fisherman from Nurn – when a man on the run from the Final Faith tries to persuade him on an extraordinary voyage. Then an ancient evil bursts from the sea and tries to claim Silus as one of their own. To discover the truth about his legacy Silus must take to the forbidding Twilight seas. There, the truth will forever change his world and threaten existence itself!


• Mass Market Paperback: 320 pages
• Publisher: Abaddon Books (March 16, 2010)
• Language: English
• ISBN-10: 190673528X
• ISBN-13: 978-1906735289

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