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Posted on July 13 2011 by Publisher

Ironclad ProphecyIt has been three months since the 13th Battalion of the Pennine Fusiliers vanished from the Somme and found themselves stranded on an alien world, and their trenches have become the target for vengeful Khungarrii attacks. Corporal ‘Only’ Atkins and his Black Hang Gang, along with a captured Khungarrii, are sent out in the tank, Ivanhoe, on the trail of Jeffries, the impostor many hold responsible for their plight. While the encampment faces an alien threat, the search party discover an ancient edifice, hiding a secret that will tear the Battalion apart… As the Pennines fight for their lives against the mounting horrors of No Man’s World, their only hope for survival – and a way home – lie in the psychotropic fuel-addicted crew of the Ivanhoe… and its increasingly insane commander!

Published: 1310774400
ISBN: 978-1-907992-15-5
Pages: 320



About the Author:
Pat Kelleher is a freelance writer. He has written for magazines, animation and radio. He served his time writing for a wide variety of TV licensed characters, translating them into audio books, novels and comics. Yes, he¹s written for that. And that. And even, you know, them. He has several non-fiction books to his credit and his educational strips and stories for the RSPB currently form the mainstays of their Youth publications. Somehow he has steadfastly managed to avoid all those careers and part-time jobs that look so good on a dust jacket.

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